Dienstag, 26. Januar 2010


Should Students Be Paid to Do Well in School?

Some high school students in France will be paid in exchange for attending classes on a regular basis.

This is exactly what's happening in a pilot program in France that started this month at three vocational high schools in disadvantaged suburds of Paris. Accounts will be set up for two classes containing around $3000 apiece. If the students maintain good attendance records and reach performance targets agreed upon with their teachers, reward payments will be added to their class account. But here's the catch: students can't go and spend the money on a new iPod or an Xbox but can only use it to finance a school-related project or endeavor.
Philippe Vrand, president of Public School Students group: "...We should spend this money making sure vocational students can get into the programs they want. Instead, students are being paid off ot compensate [for] their boredom."
In the US more than a dozen states have started rewarding students with cash for improved test scores and enrollment in advanced-placement courses.
adapted from TIME, Oct.09

What do you think? A good idea or a complete waste of money? Should money play such an important role in schools?


  1. I think its a good idea. Its good modevation and for kids that cant aford college. Iy gives them an opportunity to help themselves. Kids that can aford college can set more goals in school.
    Although not being able to spend the money outside the school is retarded. And likely to make kidds not want to do the program.

  2. I like the idea they are trying to do and I do truly bleave that it will motavite so mine kids to do better in school. The only thing I think will be a bad idea about this is I think they wont make a diffrence because they cant spend money on what the want. If they could they would try way harder to do better in school its a insentive to them.

  3. I think it is a good idea for college funds as long as the mony goes to college related stuff. I think schooling is way to expencive so that is why its a great idea. I think the people that can aford college should help out and not need the extra money for schooling. I think with this they will get more kids to go to college.

  4. Tyler S hat gesagt…

    This is'nt such a bad idea. It's very clever and helpfull to kids. We know now a days that kids will blow their money on matrial things that they dont need, but psychologicly want. Especially for kids who are in need of it and get the oppertunity to have it is just awesome. So yess, i do agree.

  5. Hey:)
    Well, I do also think it's quite a good idea. Nowadays going to school is often very expensive with all the books and stuff you have to pay for. So it would be a good compensation.
    And I agree with Seth's opinion that it would be a great motivation for the pupils. I mean, if you know you get something for your work you will do your best, won't you?
    Waste of money? No, absolutely not! The government is always spending a lot of money on stupid things. At the moment they give so much public money to banking houses to compensate their losings!
    So it can't be a big problem to give a little money to pupils...

  6. In my opinion it doesnt make sense at all.
    Instead of giving the money to the pupils, the government should rather invest it in the advancement of the schools, better education for the pupils and teachers,better infrastructure etc....
    There are many problems in schools, but with giving money to the pupils it won't be solved!!
    This pilot programm made me quite upset, because it shows, that the governments still don't see the real problems!

  7. See everyone likes this idea and thinks it will help kids do better. So I think they should just do it about help people get a better education

  8. I disagree agree with Lucas I think it is a good idea. I like money.