Montag, 18. Januar 2010



Thanks to MTV, frustrated parents will once again get the chance to kick
their kid's loser boyfriends and girlfriends to the curb!

MTV gives parents a chance to interfere in their children's relationship. Do you think parents know who's the best choice for their child? Should they play match makers? If not where do you think do people find their true soulmates these days?


  1. I personly like this show but no i do not bleave that parents should have a say in who you like. your parents would just pick a good boring person that you proble wont like. But if you pick the person you like you will be happy and shouldnt care about what others think about your relation ship.

  2. Hello people of Germany! My name is Tyler Schonholz (I am a girl.) In my opinion, it goes both ways. Parents should have to an extent a voice to tell us who we should date and who we shouldnt date, but the rest is up to us. Usually when we decide our heart gets ripped in half and the jerk who took it keeps the oher half. If the parents say what they think, im sure they would save us the heartache. All they want is for us to be happy with what we have and who we have. So, yess i think they should have some buisness in your love interests.

  3. Hey guys!

    I definitly agree with Tyler's opinion. I mean, it's your parents who do know you best and who want you to be lucky, but I don't think they should choose a partner for their children like in "parental control" You can't arrange love can you? Parents shouldn't play match makers!
    (Apart from that I'm sure most of these situations are manipulated, but I have to admit I watch it from time to time ^^)
    I think parents should always tell you their opinion but finally it's your own decision.
    Of course it always depends on whether there is a good relationship between parents and children or not.
    Well, it's hard to say where you find the true love.
    Some people find their soulmate promptly, others are looking for them their whole life long!
    It can always happen that you meet your true love, for example by doing things you do everyday like going to the supermarket! That's all for now, bye!

  4. I think, that parents shouldn't interfere in the love-affairs of their children.
    On the one hand its hard to decide whats good for oneself, but on the other hand children have to make their own decisions and mistakes.
    If the parents would come every time the child makes sth wrong, the child would get adapted to it and not learn from their mistakes, and always run back to his/her parents if sth is going wrong in his/her life

  5. I dont like the show at all. Its to fake.
    I dont think parents should have any say in who ther child is with. I think its rong if a relationship is runed by parents. There child needs to learn who ther atracted to sometime.